Instruction for utilization

The website contains two major parts: the search page and the page for complete visualization of the photo collection.

Search in the photo collection
In order to search information in Online communism photo collection introduce the search row in the form special designed from the search page.
The search can be done on one or more key words. To obtain proper results we recommend the use of one key word, and if the obtained results are general information additional key words may be specified for a thorough searching.

Navigation in search results
The images obtained as a result of the search are posted in groups of ten on each page in order to get a better visualisation. To facilitate the navigation through the pages containing the results of the search menus Next page and Previous Page from the bottom and down side of the page will be used.

Visualization of detailed information
To obtain more information on a certain image click on the respective image or on the title of the image.

Complete visualization of the photo collection
This page posts the entire content of the data base available at that time. We invite you to visit regularly our website in order to consult the latest documents posted in the data base.

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