Photos' reproduction

The photos within this data base were made between 1945-1989. However, photographic documents pertaining to the Romanian communism prior to 1945 may be found. The users should understand that most of the photos from this data base were made for propaganda purpose. ANR and IICCR specify that the photos’ captions are the original ones wroted down at the time when the photos were made and do not represent the version of NAR and IICCR experts.

The photos from the Online communism photo collection are from the Central National Historical Archives (ANIC), funds ISISP (Institute for Historical and Political Studies)- photo collection and CC al PCR (Central Commity of the Romanian Communist Party) -Albums. The photographic documents from ISISP were selected from several subdivisions: Gheorghe Gheorghiu Dej, Nicolae Ceausescu, Nicolae Ceausescu-Portraits, Removed (the Soviet troops in Bucharest, August 1944; the demonstration from 7th of November, 1944, Bucharest), Communist activists of Hungarian origin in Romania, “To be seen only with management approval”. The images from CC al PCR-Albums pertain to the private life of Nicolae Ceausescu and his family and reveal aspects from huntings, anniversaries, hollydays, New Year’s Eve parties.

Manner of quoting
In order to quote properly the user will mention: the number of the photo (posted between brackets), the complete name of the data base (Online communism photo collection), the date of the acces (between round brackets) and the reference number (ANIC, fund, part, subdivizion, reference number).

Photo # D033, Online communism photo collection, (12.12.2008), (ANIC, fund ISSIP, Nicolae Ceausescu-Portraits, 8/1966)
At present the NAR-IICCR team is working to write down the archival sourse to each photo.

According to the legislation in force and to National Archives of Romania’s regulations in case of use of these photos, no matter of the nature of your work, you must mention the source - Online communism photo collection, and the reference number.

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